October 26, 2022

Plan Ahead for a Safe Weekend

Dear Students:

The battle for Paul Bunyan returns this weekend as Michigan and Michigan State football meet on the field for the 115th time. The historic rivalry has long had the ability to divide friends and families, however, with Halloween also upon us, Wolverines and Spartans alike are here to advocate for more treats than tricks across our great state. No matter where you will be watching this Saturday, please celebrate responsibly, cheer respectfully and get home safely.




This year’s game will take place Saturday, Oct. 29, in Ann Arbor. While we may cheer for different teams, it’s most important that Spartans and Wolverines work together to ensure this weekend’s game and festivities are a good experience for all.

If you are attending the game, make sure you are familiar with the most up-to-date Michigan Stadium guidelines, including the no-bag policy.

We encourage you to look out for one another and take a moment to review some tips for making this weekend a fun-filled, no-drama experience for all.

Be respectful and responsible:

  • Let’s leave the rivalry on the field. Be a positive fan and cheer for your team, not against the other. Avoid the use of foul language, obscene gestures or messages, and threats.
  • If hosting an event, check out this resource for social gatherings. Talk with neighbors prior to the event and agree on a plan for resolving any issues that may come up.
  • Choose Halloween costumes that demonstrate respect and avoid appropriating other cultures or promoting racial, cultural, gender or other stereotypes.
  • Most U-M and MSU students make decisions that keep them safe when choosing to use alcohol or other drugs. For those that choose to drink, check out these strategies.
  • If someone needs help, call 911. Michigan’s Medical Amnesty laws are in place to remove any perceived barriers to getting help when someone is in danger.
  • Plan ahead for your transportation needs. Have a designated sober driver.
  • Remember, if you are not inside a designated tailgate area, it is illegal to be on public property with open containers of alcohol. Public property includes sidewalks, streets and public buildings.

Here are some additional tips to remember as you celebrate this weekend:

  • If you are under 21, it is illegal to drink alcohol.
  • Control the noise level at events. It is unlawful to create, permit or continue to permit any noise that disturbs the health, peace or safety of others.
  • Manage the size of your party. Guests should not block sidewalks or streets.
  • Clean up promptly after your events to avoid receiving a citation.
  • Stay home if you’re sick or experiencing symptoms such as a new cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, fever or fatigue. U-M’s University Health Service offers same-day testing slots.

Whatever the final score and whether you choose to celebrate Halloween, we wish you a safe, healthy and exciting weekend ahead.

As always... Go Green and Go Blue!

Anthony T. Williams Jr.
Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students
Michigan State University

Alan Haller
Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Michigan State University

Laura Blake Jones
Dean of Students
University of Michigan

Warde J. Manuel
Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics
University of Michigan

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