U Belong: Building a Stronger MSU Community

We cannot ignore the acts of racism and violence we have seen across our country. These acts are devastating, stressful and painful.

We understand these injustices and racist acts significantly affect members of our MSU community and recognize the emotions that specifically impact our African American students, faculty and staff.

There are no easy answers, quick fixes or immediate resolutions. However, we cannot let this moment disappear into history without purposefully working toward change. As a community we need to listen, stand united and work to end systematic racism. We must stand together to engage our national, state and local leaders and push for legislative and policy changes, as well as hold accountable those who commit this violence.

The Division of Student Affairs and Services has a mission to support our students – all of our students – throughout their journey at MSU, inside the classroom and beyond. College is a time to explore and discover who you are, who you want to be and what you hope to do. Supporting students through this process includes discussing and working on the challenging issues facing our society. If we can start here, we can hopefully impact communities beyond MSU.

Leaders from Student Affairs and Services host “U Belong” (in person when possible and virtually when necessary) sessions to create a safe space to listen, talk about the issues and bring ideas for change to work for the betterment of our campus community. We will capture recommendations and actions here on the Student Affairs and Services “U Belong” webpage. 

U Belong Sessions:

Our most recent U Belong popup session was Sept. 8, 2021, in which SAS hosted Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) at Michigan State University to support Spartans in their transition to college or returning to MSU following the global pandemic. In addition, SAS and CAPS want to ensure students know where to find support and resources for all of their health and mental health needs, from opportunities to be physically active to counseling.

You may listen to this recorded session at go.msu.edu/ubelong6. Additional resources can be found here (fix link) .


https://go.msu.edu/UBelong 3/26/21

ubelong2021-1 1/20/21

https://go.msu.edu/ubelong4 8/14/20

https://go.msu.edu/ubelong2 7/10/20

https://go.msu.edu/ubelong 6/12/20 


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