Student Life & Engagement Sponsorship and Donations Application

Student Life & Engagement (SLE) is pleased to consider donation and sponsorship requests that align with our values and mission. Donations are a gift given for charitable purposes or to benefit a cause with no return benefit expected. Sponsorships support an event, activity, or organization financially in return for a specified benefit.


Our SLE Donations-Sponsorship Review Committee reviews all requests. Eligible organizations may only receive one donation or sponsorship for the same event per calendar year. The committee authorizes the donation or sponsorship on behalf of all SLE and its encompassing departments. The donation or sponsorship is non-transferable and approved for only the event named in the request.  


While SLE cannot honor all requests, we try financially to assist our community through organizational support to provide students and the MSU community with growth opportunities. Priority is given first to MSU Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s), events on campus, and a higher priority is given for events held in SLE managed facilities, events which support MSU student success, students living on campus, and MSU's inclusive campus community.


RSO's should first seek approval for events through Involve@State.

All requests should comply with the guidelines above. However, even if a group meets all the guidelines, there is no guarantee that the committee will approve the request. 

Donation and sponsorship requests must be submitted through our online system. We recommend the request be submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance of when the donation is needed to allow for processing time. We will notify applicants of the status of the request via the email provided on the form.

Make a request using this form