SLE Health and Safety Office

Occupational Health and Safety Training

The SLE Health and Safety Office also serves as a subject matter resource and expert for the division, providing leadership, specialized training, responding to critical incidents, mitigating risk, and maintaining high levels of diligence and service. 

Our Safe at State program is an occupational health and safety program that is part of every employee’s training. We see safety standards as non-negotiable and seek safety improvements that reduce injuries, improve workplace morale and retention, and provide a hazard-free environment for our students and guests. Most recently, we served as the planning lead and regulatory consultant to the division throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regulatory Compliance Oversight and Support

We work in tandem with the MSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety and MSU Police to meet state, federal and local health and safety regulations. Examples include compliance with Michigan Occupational Health and Safety (MiOSHA) regulations, Clery annual security and fire safety reporting, and State of Michigan fire codes, including coordinating required life safety system inspections, testing and maintenance for facilities managed by SLE.

All residential spaces have some level of fire suppression systems in place such as residential smoke detectors and sprinklers. Codes do evolve over time, however, and as we renovate buildings, we update them to meet the current fire code. The long-range asset plan for SLE has remaining residence hall spaces scheduled to be updated by 2030.

Emergency Management and Business Continuity

Led by the SLE Health and Safety Coordinator and in close coordination with MSU Police, the SLE Emergency Management Committee develops, and updates planning documents and training programs to guide hazard prevention, coordinate emergency response actions, and establish business continuity plans for the division.

Safety and Security Strategic Planning

The national crime threat landscape has evolved in the face of numerous active shooter hostile event incidents. SLE continues to partner with the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety to address personal safety and security concerns of MSU students. Efforts include the installation, maintenance and updating of electronic access and digital cameras in SLE-managed facilities as well as ongoing security assessments and staff training. The goal is to ensure renovations and business model changes continue to meet best practices while mitigating security threats.

Environmental Hazard Remediation

We manage over 8 million square feet of facilities constructed between 1940-2018. Although well maintained, the aging infrastructure can lead to unplanned events such as water intrusion that can produce health and safety hazards. Trained maintenance and facility managers and unit-level response protocols allow for prompt mitigation and cost avoidance.


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