October 25, 2022

Football, Halloween, and Elections: Oh MI!

Dear Spartans,

The cooler weather and colorful trees suggest we are well into the fall semester. Midterms are in full swing, papers are due, and there’s nothing better than a mug of warm Michigan apple cider. Well, perhaps a Spartan win in Ann Arbor would be better. 

Spartan Football

This weekend, the Spartans travel to Ann Arbor to beat the University of Michigan (a prediction I am hopeful comes true). MSU’s top priority remains the safety and well-being of our Spartan community — this extends to gatherings down the road in Wolverine territory. It is important to watch out for each other and to be good neighbors – here at home and in Ann Arbor. 


Shortly after Saturday’s rivalry game, another social occasion will be upon us: Halloween. I’m asking you to think about this now before heading into the excitement of the weekend — culture is not a costume. Our decisions, such as which Halloween costume to wear, can cause undue harm to others, even if that is not our intention. Read this article for more information about appropriate costumes. And if you experience discrimination or harassment, please report the incident. Spartans will maintain a positive, safe and inclusive environment across campus through all seasons.

2022 Elections

I encourage Spartans, far and wide, to vote in this year’s election Nov. 8. I understand many of you may be voting for the first time. If you have any questions about on- or off-campus registration or polling locations, visit the MSUVote website at msuvote.msu.edu. MSUVote is your on-campus, nonpartisan information source for upcoming elections.

Should you find yourself in a conversation about the election over the next two weeks, please be respectful of others and their opinions, even if you disagree. Political debate can be healthy, but only if you engage with listening ears and an open mind. Remember, you can always decline to participate. 

As we enjoy the next few weeks of fall activities before the arrival of winter, remember to take care of yourselves and your fellow Spartans. 

Go Green! 
Vennie Gore 
Senior Vice President for Student Life & Engagement 
Michigan State University

Spartan helmet